Follow it, and our profile to be notified, we will add new tracks regularly! Companied by remixes from two up-and-coming producers from the fast-paced, progressive French music scene: Elle était toute molle dans sa choré, elle murmurait et n’articulait pas. J’aurais aimé entendre le titre de Alba Reche en entier, dommage qu’elle n’ait pas été sélectionnée. C , comme cinéma:

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Hypnolove offers you the perfect tape for your holidays and your summer! KiD CuDi – Immortal. Tristesse Contemporaine january 30th, By sculpting them, you reveal their importance to the public. Where are the police?!

Debut album still available here Tristesse Contemporaine april 5th, New track and live dates! With this incendiary single, Tristesse Contemporaine start from scratch and launch the countdown. By getting back to their brutal side, the trio turns into this kind of species it is better not to run into during a full moon night at the corner of a street or a wheat field.

Tristesse Contemporaine will play: Here comes  » Porcelaine  » the perfect sound bed for a day like that; a duet between the queen of burlesque and the most romantic French musician since Serge Gainsbourg.

Their voices blend perfectly on this slow jam. Dita Von Teese says: From the very start of the project, I asked that we do one song together. I love his voice, I instantly think of Serge Gainsbourg, he is as good as him. Dita and Sebastien have teamed up to create her first ever album, the self-titled  » Dita Von Teese « , due February 16th on Record Makers.

Stay tuned for more! Because she was asked to by Sebastien Tellier. But I do enjoy the thrill of doing things that are kashup of my comfort banginn. When I performed for the first time at the Crazy Horse in Paris, I invited Sebastien because I was such a fan, not daring to imagine mahsup someday he would compose an entire album for me. Imagine this woman gathered with two or three people in a hotel room in California, under the pink light of dawn, for some passionate stolen moments.

Dita Von Teeseperforming striptease sinceis the biggest name in burlesque in the world since Gypsy Rose Lee, and is credited with bringing the art form back into the spotlight with a new sense of elegance and sophistication. Detach and reflect, escape and return, let go and let in – Travel.

Producer, composer and keyboardist John Carroll Kirby spins his tales of Travel on his debut full-length.

Hear it in the undulating, calming waves tarce saxophone on  » Essaouira « , the gentle splash heard on the shores of the coastal Moroccan city. Feel the excitement, the energy, the heat in  » Poroy Station « , riding the train to Machu Picchu. Let yourself unravel with  » Socotra « , stumbling upon the alien Dragon Blood Trees the iconic Yemen island. He describes his music as the bangjn Generation Exotica, whimsical and vibrant like the genres pioneer Martin Deny.

Order your copy Price: The French artist wanted to make sculptures based on the 3D bodyprint of various musical producers to highlight these « artisans of the shadow » often at the origin of musical revolutions. Besides a travel account, the book presents an essay on four of these musical geniuses: We were scheduled to meet him, make his 3D capture and turn it into a solid oak sculpture. His portrait, along with those of other illustrious producers, was going to be presented in New York and Paris.


This book emanates from the full experience. Marc – Urbxn be told, you wanted to meet these heroes in person. And so did I! In total, 18 music producers agreed to participate. Marc – Yet most of them remain unknown, and they probably enjoy that anonymity. By sculpting them, you reveal their importance to the public. Xavier – We wanted to give a palpable continuity to this first part of a still ongoing series and imagined this fanzine, a somewhat scientific approach to a theme that is rarely explored in such a way: We were happy to find our scholar in Etienne Menu, who wrote a fascinating essay on an era owned by Swizz Beatz, Timbaland and The Neptunes, ubran demonstrates the magnitude of what these artists have generated.

Marc – PRODUCE has become not an art book but rather an unpretentious object centered on its content, a book to carry around and read anywhere. Xavier – And why not imagine issues to come of the fanzine! Jeanne Holsteyn Graphic design: Mothi Limbu Happymess Studio Texts: Créaform Design 3D imagery: Adrien Cruellas Photos making-of 3D capture: One was a musician, the other was a film maker.

Quick lance 2 nouveaux Giant

In his unique style, Tellier created a 80s-inspired score made of synth and guitars. The recordings were made with the precious help of an expert of the genre, Tahiti Boy a.

bangin mashup trace urban 2013

While the police suspects a serial killer is behind the disappearance, the three women have actually joined a secret guerrilla camp, « where they train to avenge the injustice of a misogynistic system that humiliates and exploits women. Mind Gamers april 22th, Sebastien Tellier’s new project!

As much an exhortation for the listener to explore their inner landscapes as urbzn commandment to let loose, the offering is divided into two scriptures: Stay ttace for more adventures Artists Catalog Videos News Shop. News Cola Boyy december 11th, Cola Boyy rides for the people.

This Oxnard California songwriter and activist talks origins and message in this short documentary: Matthew Urango, aka Cola Boyy, is a 28 year old artist coming from Oxnard, California, discovered on the occasion of a concert in Los Angeles during June His very typical but natural voice is the consequence of a disability from birth. His deviant disco songs grace about love and the happiness it breeds, while letting the rage of a rather different-looking militant crooner tracee.

Disco strings, catchy choruses to sing along to Cola Boyy turns the melancholic memories of a past girlfriend into a banging beat to dance and shout to in a hot late-night club. Lighting a match and watching the castle burning. Imagine the worlds beyond your horizon. The bahgin Mind Gamers need not bother with the laws of time and space, or even gravity.

bangin mashup trace urban 2013

Tristesse Contemporaine january 30th, Here’s some playlists and a mix to enter into Tristesse Contemporaine’s world Their new album is available! Tristesse Contemporaine december 6th, Act III, Scene 1.


After the first album self-titled  » Tristesse Contemporaine  » a form of a declaration of independence and the second  » Stay Golden  » rising above the rest, their third,  » Stop and Start mashpu will come to close the existing trilogy, and begin a new cycle. The trio at the head of this veritable voyage through time and space, is a motley crew that found each other in Paris: The essence of what they play as Tristesse Contemporaine is two chords, minimal instrumentation, all mixed with maximum reverb.

Bangin Mashup 4 Trace TV

This is a particular idea of « less is more » which is more applicable to pop music. Abandoning « the middle of the road » urbxn band focused on ten tracks where they put their cards on the table and the petal to the metal Get your tix HERE.

bangin mashup trace urban 2013

Tristesse Contemporaine october 26th, Abandoning « the middle of the road » the band focused on ten tracks where they put their cards on the table and the petal to the metal.

Where are the police?! Touche Française, episode Available in CD, vinyl, and digital here First extract: Here’s our new bangln for your holidays!

Follow it, and our profile to be notified, we will add new tracks regularly! Here’s the video for Hypnolove’s summer hit « La piscine »! And also in flexi disc 2 tracks!

Check it out here! Hypnolove offers you the perfect tape for your holidays and your summer! Hypnolove – La piscine EP. Hypnolove is an European trio composed of a Portuguese, a German, and a French.

Un métier prestigieux

Their tracks that you never knew you already know: An idyllic scene for this sentimental drama. The guest vocalist for the single is Flore from the French band L’Impératrice who are gaining some interest of their own of late!

L’Impératricepulling trae the rest of the band to do an inevitably disco-coloured remix. Lewis OfMan delivers a fresh perspective, perfect for the hedonistic summer dancers of Lucien brings a soundscape touch, and Voilaaa an unexpected afro-influenced reinterpretation. Sebastien Tellier’s music has always fused perfectly with images. For this score, Tellier chose a retro-futuristic electronic path in the tradition of Giorgio Moroder’s music in keeping with the with free and off-the-beaten path tone of this film amshup Eric Cantona.

If you like instrumental music with a deeply sensual twist, this record is for bbangin Watch the teaser of the soundtrack, starring Sébastien! Read the Hollywood Reporter’s review of the film here. Record Makers will release 3 tracks from this soundtrack on February 26th in digital! In French theaters on March 2nd. Add us, we’ve got a lot of stuff trcae exclusivities to show you in the coming weeks This mix is made of ‘ tracks exclusively, except for two.